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Top 10 Sites For Independent Filmmakers


Though the independent film scene has grown in recent years, garnered fans around the world, and gained a great deal of credibility and respect, breaking into the business as a filmmaker is still a challenge. There are a great number of battles independent filmmakers have to face just to get their art in front of an audience, but advice from veterans who’ve been there and made it through can be…

How YouTube Can Help Independent Filmmakers


The Popularity of YouTube It is difficult to overstate just how popular YouTube is today. It is one of the most visited websites in the world, and as the reach of the Internet expands further and further, the audience for YouTube is going to expand right along with it. It’s one of the first websites that people tend to access as soon as they get used to the Internet. YouTube…

2015’s Independent Films You Must Watch


The perks of independent films While we all enjoy Hollywood movies, sometimes the big-budget productions can leave us underwhelmed. The promised hype can fail to deliver, and all too often the endings are just a little bit predictable. It can be much more satisfying when you unearth an independent film – one that introduces you to new actors and original plots, while managing to keep you captivated throughout. Here are…


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